Why Choose PakToEarth


Because ‘Eco-friendly
isn’t always eco-friendly

Most bioplastics have to undergo costly waste management processes before they become truly biodegradable, including plant-based plastics, known in the industry as PLA. They will only break down with a special OXO-degradation treatment and not all treatment plants can provide the highly controlled conditions required. For example, of Australia’s 2846 waste treatment plants, only 9 can offer this service. Also, the rapid OXO process can leave a residue of microplastics, which we all know are hazardous to our soils, waterways and health. This is the kind of unacceptable truth that can break consumers’ trust in brands.


Tap in to the latest technology

PaktoEarth seeks out the latest innovations so you don’t have to. In an industry first, we are working with the global leaders in new eco-packaging technology, including the likes of Green Notion. We support markets around the world with internationally tested and accredited technology. Our aim is to solve your supply challenges, and help you provide your customers with the best choices, exceed your own environmental standards and meet global expectations.


Achieve industry targets –
and secure sector rebates

We help nations to meet local and global environmental goals. For example, Australia’s national packaging targets for 2025 are only five years away. We can help you achieve this with solutions that are down-to-earth and respond to real consumer behaviour. PaktoEarth products can also help you meet milestones to secure relevant rebates for sustainability and waste management in your industry sector in your state.


Supporting leading-edge groups that are focused on protecting our environment

Our team are leaders in the packaging industry, and trusted working partners to large multinational clients worldwide. Our corporate social responsibility aims include partnering with not-for-profit groups to amplify and influence global efforts to solve the problems of plastics and waste. The PaktoEarth team are pledging to donate a percentage of all sales to not-for-profits that help with our solutions to save our environment.

Flexible collaboration

Our team are the manufacturers of the RAWS-Tech Masterbatch (Film) and end-user packaging products.

PAKTOEARTH can work flexibly with your to suit your needed – either delivering end-user products or providing raw materials (Masterbatch or Film) to your existing packaging manufacturer.


Our end-to-end ownership enables us to be confident in offering an affordable eco-friendly, RAWS-biodegradable solution.

Because of our partnerships, we’re able to offer affordable solutions to protect our environment and to protect consumers from the passing of germs through packaging.


Due to the size, scale, processes and diligence, we stand assured in the quality and authenticity of our revolutionary packaging technologies.

Our first-stage sampling process allows you to receive and approve a pre-sample on all larger orders.

paktoearth... Reducing plastic to air, water and a pinch of salt makes land-FREE from landfill.

safetoshare... Sharing a package without passing a virus is thinking of others.