PaktoEarth's revolutionary eco-packaging makes change easier

We all want to safeguard our planet for future generations. PaktoEarth exists to help you find an easy route to make the changes that meet your environmental aspirations.

No matter what your business size, PaktoEarth can help you confidently meet the environmental standards to match your personal commitment, your company and industry targets, and your customer expectations. We work with service providers from independent vendors to large national corporate chains such as Starbucks, 7-11, Dairy Farm and major supermarkets. From pop-up stalls to larger food stores, you will find something in our product range to improve your current offering to customers, and help to save the earth.

Cafes and catering

Talk to us today about packaging options to suit your business.

If you work in hospitality, you will know that our consumption of plastics in our social and leisure pursuits can be staggering.

One State of Origin game generates 5.5 tons of plastic waste – just in plastic beer and wine cups – that could take thousands of years to break down.

By making it easy for your customers to make the right decision first time, your business is having a proven positive impact on our environment. That helps you fulfil your ‘green’ objectives and exceed your customers’ expectations. And that works to boost your brand advantage.

National and corporate brands

Our experienced team can tell you how easy it is to move to a more sustainable packaging option.

We work with large corporate providers – such as supermarkets and airlines – to supply cost-effective end-user packaging that will delight consumers.


Less than one-fifth of worldwide plastic waste is recycled with approx. 80% ending up in landfill.

Environmental awareness and positive action impacts on brand value. Brands are under more pressure to openly operate in sustainable ways. There are government guidelines to meet and regulations to achieve to qualify for rebates. And consumers expect our larger corporate brands to do the right thing. This includes supporting global goals such as the Australian national packaging target of 100% recyclable, compostable or reusable packaging by 2025. By offering your customers the right packaging, you are contributing to a lasting legacy for your brand, and easily achieving your corporate responsibility targets.

Packaging manufacturers

Talk to the PaktoEarth team to find out how we can work with you to innovate and gain a competitive advantage.

Your corporate customers demand the best branded packaging solutions that are also sustainable, affordable and eco-friendly. With decades of experience in marketing and advertising, we understand your industry needs. Our bespoke solutions are business-focused, easy to implement, and can incorporate your existing supply chain. PaktoEarth makes it a smooth transition to supply the right end-user products to your clients.

By being the first major brand to launch an environmentally aware programme of change ‘Ecomagination’ in 2005, GE increased its brand value by more than US$6 billion, which had a knock-on effect in increased dividends.

Our team have been leaders in food & beverage packaging for over 22 years. They continue to invest in the latest technology to produce eco-friendly products at an affordable price. PaktoEarth brings that knowledge to help businesses advance.

paktoearth... Reducing plastic to air, water and a pinch of salt makes land-FREE from landfill.

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