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Welcome to Twelve8 Technology,  an Australian business with a heart-and-soul mission to find solutions that heal and protect our earth from plastic waste. To provide real solutions to the global crisis of plastic waste by enabling everyone to make a difference and to participate in the care of our precious environment. Presenting new innovative technologies that return packaging back to earth in natural conditions alleviating whole and fragmented plastic something the future generations will be grateful for.

Nature is for everyone to breathe in, to enjoy and be in awe of creation. An enemy to our environment is plastic, hence why the commitment to find solutions for plastic to be plastic no more. Taking responsibility for our future generations so that they to can enjoy the fruits of our precious earth".
Anthony Harrison, CEO, Twelve8 Technology
Meet the team

Our team is dedicated to healing our planet, by creating a new era in eco-packaging – introducing new innovations and technologies that enable small and large businesses to more easily enhance their enterprise for environmental good.

Maria Landrelli


John McMahon


Warwick Ritchard


Ian Cooke

Business Planner/Researcher

Anthony Harrison


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Managing Director

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Innovation. Development. Testing. Certification

Our innovation team made a commitment to pioneer and lead the development of new breakthrough technologies for the purpose of reducing the negative impact of plastic waste. The assignment was Inspired and Led by an Australian material science packaging expert living overseas with over 22-years experience in the F&B packaging industry. This industry knowledge enables product research, development and testing through a high-tech sophisticated packaging manufacturing facilities proudly providing quality packaging for many top-tier compaines. Product functionality is an important aspect of our expertise.


Development NAMI

When it came to the development of the technology, the responsibility was handed to NAMI. NAMI is a research and development centre with over 200 PhD’s sharing their expertise in Material Science. NAMI has a strong portfolio of innovative technologies to support and collaborate with industries offering frontier-applied research in advanced materials as well as technology transfer for commercialization in creating a better world.


  • Incorporated in 2006 as a subsidiary of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.
  • Designated by the Innovation and Technology Commission of the Hong Kong Government as a Research and Development Centre for nanotechnology and advanced materials.


Certification HKPC 

To enhance the productivity of local plastics industry, HKPC offer a wide range of plastics testing services, including material property tests, materials identification, analytical tests and quality evaluation, etc.


The Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) is a multi-disciplinary organisation established by statute in 1967, to promote productivity excellence through integrated advanced technologies and innovative service offerings to support Hong Kong enterprises. HKPC partners and collaborates with local industries and enterprises to develop applied technology solutions for value creation. HKPC partners include MIT, Stanford University, University of Waterloo, Fraunhofer, University of Oxford, CSIRO, Monash & Swinburne Universities, Data 61 and ACS


PaktoEarth helps you win your war on waste

PaktoEarth is dedicated to bringing people together to introduce new innovations to solve the growing plastic problem. Whether you are a solo vendor with a pop-up shop, a national corporate chain, or a merchandise printer, PaktoEarth can help your business achieve outstanding brand cut-through and confidently exceed your expectations for:

paktoearth... Reducing plastic to air, water and a pinch of salt makes land-FREE from landfill.

safetoshare... Sharing a package without passing a virus is thinking of others.