We enable escaped plastics to breakdown into natural elements leaving no micro-plastics

We enable escaped plastics to breakdown into natural elements leaving no micro-plastics

What we do

PaktoEarth provides naturally decomposing plastic packaging solutions where plastic becomes plastic no more changing the landscape for future generations

Our technologists created a built-in additive formula to ensure that plastics can decompose naturally and safely activated by either sunlight or thermal atmospheric heat under anaerobic conditions with zero or low oxygen present.  Recyclable and time controlled technology allowing us to customize product service life.


Boost your business range. Tap into PaktoEarth’s latest internationally tested and accredited innovations.

biodegradable &

Plastic products that don’t confuse consumers. PaktoEarth RAWS-tech plastics break down back to earth with NO extra treatments.

Hitting your
industry targets?

PaktoEarth solutions let you easily achieve your industry sector environmental and sustainability goals.

Efficiency and
quality control

Our experienced team offers you a quality assurance guarantee.

Our Solutions

Sustainable technology that protects and heals the land for future generations

Our RAWS-Tech enables PP, PE, LDPE and HDPE to bio-convert within 2 years, leaving no micro-plastics and toxicity in the environment with no commercial treatment needed. Our globally recognized laboratories and internationally accredited testing facilities provide evidence for our claims.

An eco-insurance policy that takes care of plastic that escapes the recycling circle

A solution that does not disrupt recycling yet takes care of 90% of plastic that ends up in landfill or left in the environment. An eco-insurance policy that means you have peace of mind and does what it says – naturally decomposes wherever the plastic  may end up.

About us

An Australian business with global reach, with a heart-and-soul mission to find solutions that heal and protect the land. We want to solve the problem of waste by enabling everyone to make a difference and take care of our precious earth. One of the best ways we can solve this urgent crisis is to join together as one to win the war on waste, especially plastic pollution.